Exhibition Venue at Copenhagen Art Festival

Client Jeppe Hein & Copenhagen Art Festival
Date August 2012
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Collaboration Nikolaj Steenfatt & Maria Legaard Kjeldsen
Photo Nikolaj Steenfatt & Maria Legaard Kjeldsen


All around the busy center of Copenhagen strange and spectacular sights catches your attention. Amusements, playfulness, colors and bright lights… a place full of life and happiness greet you at the square Højbro Plads. ILOVIT it spells out in huge letters above your head as you enter the gates of the area curated by artist Jeppe Hein.

The joint name of the area spells Tivoli backwards and refers to the famous Danish Amusement Park Tivoli, a historic yet magical and fun place with a variety of activities. Serving as the overall theme of the sight, the idea was to turn the square into a pulsating and interactive space. Our contribution was the creation of a dynamic exhibition venue serving as a framework for entertainment and upcoming design.

An important consideration in regard to our design was the unification of the surroundings – the classical architecture in the center of Copenhagen and the general modern minimalistic design esthetic of the north – and the excessive and quirky theme. The result was small iconic houses made out of colorful laths with distinct reference to circus tents or old market stalls. Merging into each other these small houses created surprising spatial sequences and guiding passageways. Overall the exhibition venue created an informal meeting with the art and was a focal point for the flow off the area.