The Life Aquatic

Tactile Experience

Client Personal work
Date January 2013
Location Amsterdam, Holland
Composed of Colored paper fringes

Swimming through high structured seaweed and loosing orientation, while rays of light touches your body as they pass through the surface of the water. One might wonder how it feels to be a tiny fish swimming through the deep sea?

The spatial installation conveys this experience through an abstraction. All senses are activated and engaged simply by moving through the enclosing materials of oversized paper fringes and endless repetition, discovering the movement of the space and the play between light and darkness. Immersing into the experience one’s awareness raises – the body, soft strokes and rustling of the fringes, enclosement – one’s senses are working intensely.

By creating a space using simple measures and conveying only the essence of the tale, we achieve a very high and pure impact amplifying the experience. The combination of abstraction and sensation creates a space for reflection. Not just reflection but reflection through our own senses upon an experience we, as human beeings, can never fully achieve unless we could become a fish. This prehistoric tale of space and beings transcends time changing our perspective on the bigger picture of our pressens and sensing of the world that surrounds us.