The Factory

Visitor Centre at Fritz Hansen

Client Republic of Fritz Hansen
Date September 2013
Location Allerød, Denmark
Competition 2nd place
Collaboration Lotte Valentin

In a small town north of Copenhagen in close proximity to the forest and its natural resources, lies the main office and factory of the famous Danish furniture company Fritz Hansen. Times are changing and so is the way of working with furniture as well as the works of Fritz Hansen.

Our vision for Fritz Hansen was to design a concept that would create a vibrant, relevant and engaging spatial story. A story that would become apparent through a total spatial design showing the development and production within the company today, but with a perspective of and respect for the historical past. With this approach a traditional visitor centre became an insufficient concept!

Our entire proposes a visitor centre that serves not only as a showroom, but also as a vibrant and attractive location for working and gaining knowledge and for engaging multiple stakeholders. The space was to be multifunctional but uncluttered. The multiple spatial functions was organized so that they overlapped; creating a space that connects people in between disciplines and departments inspiring new thoughts and collaboration possibilities.

The spatial settings is not just a frame for telling about Fritz Hansen, it shows it! Our entire would make the old production factory come alive as a modern design factory and show the full picture of the company whose soul mission is to ensure the highest level of; craftsmanship, quality and design.