Changing Spaces

Stage Design at Roskilde Festival

Client Roskilde Festival & Zetland
Date July 2014
Location Roskilde, Denmark
Brief Create an artist talks stage for Zetland
Collaboration Maria Legaard Kjeldsen
Photo Maria Legaard Kjeldsen

Iconic houses emerge. Light flickers in your eyes as it meets the translucent yet reflecting acrylic sheets, the white sails and the colorful painted wood covering the houses. Walking through, intriguing views and walkways becomes apparent and draws you in. Unexpectedly, the seemingly known scenery demands your attention, as the merged houses transform before your eyes.

By day the large group of merged houses serve as a stage for artist talks arranged by the media agency Zetland. As their activities are about to start – a melody plays – the sails of the roof unfold, revealing a complex and dreamy construction. The scene is set for a creative, intimate and interactive experience. At night dramatic and colorful lights set the tone, creating a mysterious and intriguing space to linger in and explore.

The dynamic stage transform and adapt itself according to its surroundings. On different levels it is designed to influence a core component of the festival; the informal meeting between human beings.