The Rhythm

Scenography at Trailerpark Festival

Client Trailerpark Festival
Date August 2014
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Photo Line Juul Jarde, Martin Fält, & Helena Lundquist

Can you feel the rhythm of the night? When the beats and the bass start to vibrate the pulse gets higher and the body loses control. At this moment everything becomes one – the human beings, their bodies, the rhythm, the surroundings – everything melts together and creates a unique experience of one big movement.

This was the essence of the story and the fundamental feeling we wanted to amplify as the basic idea for the scenography. In order to achieve this sensation we created two different types of elements, 600 arrows and a large number of triangles in different sizes. The elements attracted one’s attention with their meticulous playful aesthetic and their susceptibility to high frequencies, which – as a result – made the elements move when the music played. In the context of this, the light was an important aspect of the installations. In and around the Rebel Stage and its surrounding area, where the installation was spread out, a large amount of light bulbs and an intense colored lighting was integrated into the scenography. Together the different aspects of the installation embedded a strong and persuasive atmosphere.