Navigation Marks

Art Installation at Distortion

Client Copenhagen Distortion
Date June 2014
Location Copenhagen, Denmark

On a deserted area along the harbour of Copenhagen formations of large entangled triangles emerge from the wilderness. With the beautiful rough looking backdrop of the harbour stretching out into the horizon the triangles seem ambiguous standing out and yet blending in. Excited and open-minded people gather in this setting, knowing that for one night they will be set free and navigated only by the magic of the scenery, people, colours, lights and sounds. Tonight, it is merely lack of imagination and interaction setting the limits.

The shape of the triangles links to the recognizable visual aids – navigation marks – in and around the water guiding the ships. Guides in space, defining the frames we interact with, are everywhere. How we, as people, move and act in space as both sole individuals and social individuals is very complex and worth challenging.

The installation is placed and shaped in regards to the general axis of movement on the festival grounds serving as an area on its own but also as a junction of the maritime landscape. The design of the installation only subtly implies various dwelling and moving possibilities inviting, and also requiring, people to get involved and create their own way of interacting with the installation.