To draw is to see

Drawing Studio at SMK

Client SMK / National Gallery of Denmark
Date April 2011
Location Copenhagen, Denmark
Collaboration Marianne Grymer Bargeman, Henrik Holm & Pernille Jensen, SMK
Award Winner of the European Children’s Museum Award 2013
Photo Riccardo Bucarella & Frida Gregersen

The act of drawing holds great explorative potential as it pulls us in, slows us down and eliminates time and place. A moment of intense focus and presence arises. Our senses are sharpened and we look closer at our surroundings. Drawing is a means of observation, expression, thinking and communicating. It is a way of analyzing the world and empowering development of perceptions and ideas. One might even state that to draw is to see.

Room 226 isn’t quite like the other rooms. Here, in the midst of the classical museum setting of the Danish and Nordic art collection, a small oasis unveils itself as you enter. The room intents to open our eyes and provide another dimension for children, and people in general, with a knowledge seeking desire. The room is a drawing studio! A family-friendly zone with the possibility to linger, analyze and reflect about what you see and experience.

The studio bears the classical aesthetic within the lines of SMK but with an imaginative twist. To initiate the creative interaction, the studio has a great big bookcase fully equipped with all sorts of inspirational things and tools such as videos, books, sculptures etc. All these things are placed in and around the many compartments of the furniture and invite you to explore it. It all serves to inspire co-creation, involvement and extend the visitors experience and greater understanding of the art at SMK.