Innovation Lab

Creative Environment at Young Enterprise

Client Young Enterprise Denmark
Date March 2015
Location Odense, Denmark

This way… Step right in… As the title of the space implies, the framework both emphasizes thinking outside the box and encouraging the users to interact with the room and its functions in new ways. Welcome to the Innovation Lab!

The foundation was established by an inter-ministerial partnership and serve as a center of expertise for encouragement and integration of entrepreneurship at an early stage. To be compliant with their agenda, and able to both look and act their part as flagship for young entrepreneurship, a new office framework was needed. A framework that would be both a tool for their internal work and also their external appearance for in-house meetings.

The core idea behind the spatial concept was to make an inspiring, responsive and thriving space for companies, employees of the public sector and people working in the ministries – meeting the classic needs of the work environment but adding an edge or a twist to it. The space is customized for the identity of the recipient making it their sort of creative space, that is to say a place for new ideas and collaborations. The space is composed of one of a kind and flexible elements that make it possible to customize the room to its activities. All the elements are made to be playful as well as easy to move and use in a variety of ways. In a matter of seconds the room could be altered into any needed scenario.